Offset and Cardi B hoping to have a second child


2020-04-09 01:30:05

Offset still does not want to have another baby with Cardi B, because he wants his wife to be “concentrated” in his career for the moment.

Offset still does not want to have another baby with Cardi B, because he wants his wife to “concentrate” on his career.

The couple, who married in September of 2017, gave the welcome his daughter Kulture Kiari in July of 2018, and the rapper Migos has been said that there are no plans to expand it even more to your family at this time, because that Cardi is busy working on their second album.

When asked about baby number two, Offset said: “No, I want to [Cardi] to stay focused She is on her album. I don’t think that is fair to her fans or her career. Not then, not now.

“Just let her make her second album and get a grand tour behind that and simply spread their wings a little more. It is not new, but is new.”

For now, the rapper of 28 years and the creator of hits ‘I Like It’, they love the life of the parents of Kulture, 20 months, while Offset spoke of the ability to speak in Spanish and English.

He added: “She is talking in Spanish and English. The father of Cardi do not speak English and all his side of the family speaks [mostly] Spanish. … [Kulture] says certain things, like “Come here” in Spanish. ‘Come, come, come, come’. ”

And the young lady is already starting to show more of your personality, which includes love for cars.

Offset told the magazine Us Weekly: “She always wants to have one. Always want to be able to drive [and] upload it to your small self each time you see him. She loves them, and I know that comes from me. “

The creator of hits ‘Bad and Boujee’ and Cardi, of 27 years, are no strangers to talk about your little one, as Cardi said to him previously to his Twitter followers that he was “so in love” with her baby.

She tweeted: “I’m so in love with my son. I want to cry. I don’t know what I did good for God to bless me with this beautiful and loving baby.”

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