Pepillo shares photo of young man and it seems lead actor of telenovela


Pepillo shares photo of young man and do not recognize it. The journalist of the performances showed that since it has always been characterized for having very good taste for dress.

In addition he is also doing quarantine like all the other people before the pandemic coronavirus is raging in Mexico and the rest of the world.

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One of the journalists shows most recognized in Mexico is Juan José Origel, as well as more controversial.

Hated by many, loved by others, since it started out in ‘Window’ 24 years ago won the disowned some people because of that opinion, and say things as they are, something that we still cannot control very well.

After their participation in that issuance Pepillo Origel as it is also known, came to Televisa and there has been holder of several programs of shows.

Pepillo' Origel integrates Today after announcing his retirement, The Century ...

Pepillo like the other famous has had to reinvent itself and has done so by means of social networks, where it tends to be very active and share photos of your life with your followers.

As well as you did with this image, where Juan José Origel looks very young man, that photo is black-and-white, has more than 25 years.

The partner program is Today wearing a shirt of the decade of the 70’s proving that he’s always had good taste to dress, to cut your hair which is abundant would be very appropriate to that time.

“I want someone to explain to me because the famous just upload a photo, you already have thousands of followers?????”, commented on the photography.

Once Pepillo shared the photo in your account of Instagram has received a number of comments, where his followers have highlighted what I bet it was the journalist shows.

Pepillo shares photo of young man and it seems lead actor of telenovela

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