Platform Disney + delayed more movies by coronavirus


The new streaming service, Disney + not only has your date slope to get to Latin america and Mexico, now imperiling the premieres for its platform in the united States.

According to the site, CBR, Bob Igor, the CEO and the current ceo of Disney, said recently that the status of some of his movies is “dramatic” in response to the global outbreak of the coronavirus.

The announcement includes Artemis Fowl, whose premiere in cinemas has been cancelled and will go direct to Disney +. According to Igor, this will not be the only tape that suffers a similar fate.

“There may be some more that come directly to Disney +, but many more will have to wait for all this to heal”.

Some of the films that will have to wait include the Movie Universe of Marvel.

The first is the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) that will see the light until November 6 of this year, while The Eternals (with Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek) will wait until the February 12, 2021.

In their platform have uploaded content that, were it not for the contingency would have come out much later, such is the case of Frozen 2, which is already available to almost a month of having left the cinemas.