Recognizes Rita Ora valenta of your mam


– The singer Rita Ora he has not hesitated to take advantage of your last interview to pay tribute to all those health pensioners who, like her mother Vera Sahatciu, have temporarily suspended your retirement to be placed in the first line of battle against the coronavirus.

In the case of his mother, sta has resumed his work as a psychiatrist in one of the hospitals of london the service britnico of health, the NHS, its acronym in English.

In addition, the pop star has recognized that you are very concerned about the high level of risk that they are exposed to doctors, nurses and other workers of these centers with the essential work that they do. The truth is that it is my herona particular.

We are all afraid of this situation, but she believes in God and his faith has led him to take this step, explained Rita in conversation with the news portal Extra.

She feels obliged to provide his services as optional, and this has led me to be especially aware of it these days, has added.