Reporter Comes the Joy was threatened by coronavirus


Reporter Comes the Joy was threatened by coronavirus. Reporter Gabriel Caves in the morning of Aztec shared in your social networks who suffered discrimination. It happened in his hometown, Champoton in Campeche.

According to what you told in your social networks, the reporter returned to the City of Mexico to his native city, despite the warnings of his well-known. And is that assured him that if he returned to his village, people may discriminate against you because of what it says about the disease.

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The discrimination that he suffered

Through his Twitter account Caves shared that it was reported to have covid-19, for which he received various threats.

“In another chapter I talk about that I have been threatened with death for attempting to go to Champoton… According to some people of my village I have Covid 19 by living in CDMX, and work on ” Venga la Alegría”, he wrote in the tweet.

It all came because of the rumor that in Come the Joy several had left infected by the fault of the driver, Patricio Borghetti, who was positive to the test. Both him and his partner Odalys Ramirez came out positive for coronavirus, and advised in a timely manner to all their acquaintances.

Both drivers recently announced that they are alright and fortunately I got to anyone who have had knowledge. However this did not stop to make many think that the cast of Come the Joy I was getting sick.

So there was a reporter Come the Joy was threatened by coronavirus. Until the time is asking many to remain in their houses to avoid more infections.

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