Requested be displayed in 12 to 14 to say they shot him in their house by mistake |


The owner of a house of Paraguay to the 6000 lived this Thursday, a moment of terror when you hear how they shot the front of your home and your car. “This was not for me. To whom what did you see that we have nothing to do”said the man , who requested to speak before the cameras of The Three to show that it was an error.

“They were 19. We were inside. I felt a shooting. We found the capsules in the pavement. My son-in-law saw a bike that was a single type. All the neighbors came. Hence we did not know anything more. Entered and found the marks of the bullets in the wall and in the car“, commented Claudio Rocca in dialogue with 12 to 14 (The Three).

Claudio ensures that the attack was not for his family. “For 35 years I’ve been here. Whole life, I was a truck driver, I retired two years ago. I don’t have problems with anyone. This was not for me. We are the Rocca family. When did you see that we have nothing to do“he said.

“In the garage there are ten brands. Call 911 and the Police came. Rose the capsules. They were nine-millimeters,” he added.