Rihanna donates more than $ 2 million to the victims of gender-based violence affected by the coronavirus


Rihanna has made a new financial donation to help the victims of the coronavirus. After the 5 million already donated to various organizations through its Foundation, Clara Lionel, now has allocated 2 million dollars to the victims of gender-based violence affected by the pandemic. If the violence that women experience daily is worrisome at any time, when you are forced to live with their abuser without the possibility if you want to leave the house for the thing complicated even more. The singer and actress has joined the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to give together 4.2 million dollars to the mayor of Los Angeles that will serve to address 10 weeks of support to victims, including housing, food and counseling for women and their children, especially now that many of the shelters are full or have had to drop their ability but the incidents don’t do more than multiply. As he explains The Los Angeles Timesthe confinement is the worst possible scenario for any person who is in an abusive relationship, because access to services is more difficult than ever.

This donation is especially significant because the Rihanna’s suffered domestic violence in 2009 at the hands of his then-partner, rapper Chris Brownand in the communiqué issued ensure that even this money will help only to persons who reside in Los Angeles, “victims of domestic violence exist all over the world, so this is just the beginning”.

'Guava Island'

In Spain, the UN Women has highlighted the efforts that the government is doing against the abuse during the crisis of the coronavirus: “Spain is doing a great job for that essential services continue to function and is driving a culture of zero tolerance to violence and gender. We are with you and we will continue with you.’reports the journal.it isand now the tourist accommodation can accommodate victims of domestic violence and their children during the alarm state.

The generosity of Hollywood

Also George Clooney and Amal Clooney have made a donation of $ 1 million to help with the economic devastation that it is causing the COVID-19. This amount has been split into 3 packages of $ 250,000 to The Motion Picture and Television home, to the screen Actors guild and the American Federation of Radio Performers and Television; and for the non-profit Los Angeles Greater. In addition, another $ 300,000 have gone to three charities, national and international: the food bank lebanese, to the hospitals of Lombardia in Italy and the national health service.