Rihanna reveals details of his next studio album


After keeping expectant to his followers for nearly four years, the singer Rihanna finally revealed details of its upcoming and long-awaited ninth album to the british edition of the magazine Vogue.

The interpreter, who appears on the cover of may of the publication, held a candid conversation in which he talked about the genres that will include this musical production, the first since Anti (2016), he confessed to be creating “without rules“.

What he said Rihanna on her next album?

Although RiRi opened up about several topics related to your disk R9, so called popularly, in the end is not revealed to the environment when would be the release date; however, offered comfort to ensure that you are working on this “aggressively”.

I can’t say when I’m going to throw… but I’m working very aggressively on the music. I don’t want all my albums to feel like topics,” said the interpreter of 32 years Vogue.

“There are No rules, no format, no nothing. There is simply good music“he said. It also said that while no doubt the reggae will be present in the unreleased songs, it is not limited in what he is experiencing to his awaited return to the stage.

I feel that I do not have limits. I’ve done everything, I’ve done all the successes, I have tried all the genres, now I’m just open. I can do whatever I want,” he said.

Recently, the celebrity was born in Barbados caused a furore by participating in “Believe It“, the last track of PartyNextDoor, reviving the hopes of his admirers on a close out of the record material.

Also, Rihanna marked the history of the magazine, which is fully available online, to be the the first personality to appear on the cover wearing a durag.

“The inspiration that we all need at this time”, “it Rih! It was so daring, bold, confident, beautiful!”, “There are No words. You are something” and “in Love with these covers, a durag couture on the cover of Vogue”, were some of the reactions in their social networks.