Rita Wilson told him that he asked his husband Tom Hanks if I die


The first name in Hollywood they were known as cases of infection by coronaviruses were the actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilsonboth already recovered and at his home in Los Angeles after having spent weeks in Australia to recover.

It happens that the couple contracted the virus in the midst of his work commitments and had to stay in confinement in Australia. And it turns out that before this all happened, Rita Wilson had given an emotional interview in the program of Kelly Clarkson.

The interpreter referred to the breast cancer that took in 2015 and he was able to recover after facing a double mastectomy a month you have been diagnosed.

Wilson revealed that at the time had a serious talk with your husband and asked him two things if she was to die. “I said: ‘Look, if something happens and I have to leave before you, just want you to know that there are a couple of things that you desire. One is that I want you to be super sad for a long time””said.

“The second thing was that I wanted a party. I wanted to celebrate and I wanted to sing and dance a lot, and people tell stories and feel that I was being held”added Wilson.