Rosalia caught in Miami by coronavirus



The quarantine of the COVID-19 stunned the Spanish singer Rosalía, in the united States, after the delivery of the Grammy awards, and not to stay single, he decided to live in the home of his manager in Miami, Florida.

“At first I said to myself: ‘I’m Not going to stay I alone in quarantine in a house, my mother. I’ll go with Rebekah’. And here I am. In fact, there is even a room that is tiny to make music and I try to take hours to keep making songs,” he told the Spanish program Antenna 3.

Rosalia, who gained popularity because of their participation with J. Balvin at the issue With height, he took advantage of this confinement, and presented it Hurt me, a song that emerged in the confinement by the coronavirus.

In this time he has been away from the world, the Catalan accepted that the most complicated thing is to be away from their loved ones: “I have family far away, in a situation that we have caught everyone by surprise and has changed the plans. But at the same time I am in contact with them: I’m lucky that we can call and make video calls. We miss them very much, but at least I know they are fine,” he said.

For the singer’s social networks have been the medium to be in contact with their fans and become one of the artists most active at this time.

In fact, he surprised his followers with a change of look that made it and is popped up with a quiff, I changed a lot of its features.

“My sister, I call her a lot, and she told me not to do this in the hair, but as soon as I hung up, I said to myself: ‘I do’. That is typical, then she asks me for what he was asked for his opinion”, he shared.

So between learning to cook, play basketball, cut his long fingernails, that was one of his trademark, exercises, vocalization, upload pictures sensual and reflections, in addition to composing, it is as it is girl of 26 years and winner of five Latin Grammy awards, happens this time of quarantine.