Selena Gmez is faced with the coronavirus: May to keep singing?


It is not a novelty, nor a surprise to the solidarity of Selena Gmezas in every situation that requires a hand, the singer always est willing to help. Today, the world faces one of the pandemics ms devastating story, and I could not be of another way, the pop star is part of the team solidarity of celebrities who fight against the COVID-19.

The actress was surprised by their fanticos to announce the premiere of several songs inditas this week, with the goal of raising funds and to combat this pandemic coronavirus. The pop star launched the single Boyfriend, which is not tard in climbing the post number one of the rankings musical.

However, the announcement that impuls to the song to the most high in the world of music, was the announcement that Selena Gmez yesterday, through their social networks: like the rest of the world, I want to help against the pandemic. Because of this, I’m going to donate personally to the fund for aid against the coronavirus from now on, $ 1 of each order of the disc.

In another publication, the singer is tom a few minutes to clear the name of his last success: You know how excited I have been releasing a song called Boyfriend. He then explained that it is a song joyous about fall and re-rise again and again in love, but also knowing that you don’t need anything more than you to be happy.