Selena Gomez collided with a dress TRANSPARENT, and it looks amazing!: PHOTO


Through a publication in your account of Instagram, the singer Selena Gomez showed how amazing it is and it popped up with a relay dress that makes her look better than ever.

The singer looks a dress pink and clingy to the body, which fabric semi transparent lets see your spectacular figure. In addition, in the upper part carries a neckline that little bit left to the imagination.

With the publication it is possible to listen to one of the songs that are part of the special edition of his album Rareand with that will support the fund Plus1 Covid-19 allocating part of the profits. The fund provides assistance to people who have been affected by the coronavirus, those without the resources to cope with the disease.

In addition, this Friday, the singer announced the launch of Boyfriendone of the songs part of this album and whose earnings will also be directed to this fund.

The actress also recently made news by revealing that the singer and actress Miley Cyrus, was diagnosed with disorder bipolar.

By: Writing Digital The Herald Mexico