Selena Gomez makes Justin Bieber and The Weeknd in toads


There are several occasions in which Selena Gomez she has used her music to speak on matters of his personal life, concerning different fields, among them love. A theme common in the songs of numerous artists, and which in many cases is based on personal experiences. It is the case of your topic Lose you to love mea song that came to light in October last year and in which verses such as “I promised the world and you believed” or “In two months we sustituiste, as if it was easy”, they hid clear messages to your former spouse, Justin Bieber, whose relationship was quite stormy. In fact, the singer himself acknowledged shortly after the damage that had been done each other. And now, Selena seems to have repeated the play in the video clip for his latest song, Boyfriend, in which converts it to its former partners in toads. Yes, as in the story.

Selena and Justin

To understand this, it is only necessary to pay attention to the lyrics, whose chorus says: “I Want a boyfriend, tell me, is there any good out there? Do not stop meeting the wrong, but I search for the love“. A statement that refers only to Justin but to all of his former partners, including Abel Tesfaye, singer The Weeknd, with whom Selena had a relationship of several months in 2017. But the strangest thing happens in the video clip that illustrates the subject, in which the singer collects frogs they are, nothing more and nothing less, that all those men with who has tried to build a relationship that has not worked.

Selena Gomez

But, why have they deducted their fans that these toads are, precisely, Justin Bieber and Abel Tesfaye? In the first place, the lead singer of The Weeknd used this same animal in your video Heartlesswhere he himself is transformed into a frog. In the second place, at the beginning of the video when Selena gets out of the car in which he travels to pick up the ‘poison’ that transforms men into toads, two of these animals fall to their feet. And, if we have to look at the history of the actress two possible relationships to that reference, without a doubt, Justin and Abel are presented as likely options.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd

The singer herself explained in the post that announced the release of version deluxe his album Rare, which includes the theme Boyfriendthat “this song is about to fall and re-rise again and again in matters of lovebut also be aware that you do not need anyone more than yourself to be happy.” And it is clear also that “a bridegroom is not at all within my list of priorities at this time.”