Selena Gomez premiered songs to raise funds for the Coronavirus


The singles “Boyfriend”, “She” and “Souvenir”, will be used to donate part of their profits to the relief fund “Plus1 COVID-19”.

11 Apr 2020 9:34By:

Of all parts of the world, you’re still getting voices and actions to combat the pandemic of the covid-19. The multiple sample support has now been added to the contribution of the american singer Selena Gomez, who released three songs, intended to support the fund to help “Plus1 COVID-19that the money goes to the people most affected by this disease.

Next to the deluxe edition of his album “Rare”, Selena released the songs “Boyfriend”, “She” and “Souvenir”. On the first of them, there have been many voices that have been raised, speculating that he talks about it and the need to get a boyfriendsince his rupture with, the also singer, Justin Bieber, Selena has no known partnerand the song speaks of a woman who, desperately, is to get a boyfriend.

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On this, the artist stated that “it is a cheerful song about falling down and getting up time and time again in the love, but also knowing that you do not need anyone more than yourself to be happy.”

In addition, Selena clarified that the song has no relationship with anyone in particularbut that speaks to what I mentioned earlier, love yourself: “In the context of today, I want to make clear that a boyfriend is not near my list of priorities”.

On his contribution to the fund “Plus1 COVID-19”, Selena Gomez said that “as the rest of the world, I want to help against the pandemic. Because of this, I’m going to donate personally to the fund to help with the COVID-19, from now on, $ 1 of each order of the disc.

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