Selena Gomez reveals that it is bipolar, in live streaming with Miley Cyrus


Some celebrities have undertaken various activities to address topics of general interest through social networks, with the aim of accompanying the public from the confinement of their homes.

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That’s why Selena took part in a direct that was Miley Cyrus on his official Instagram, videos, which the singer performed since you started in confining social due to the virus, last Friday, Selena talked about her mental problems.

During the conversation the former Disney star opened his heart and confessed that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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“I recently went to one of the best hospitals for mental health of America, McLean Hospital, and I discovered after many years of using different things that I was bipolar. Since then I have had a lot of information, something that has helped me. You can’t scare me from what I know,” she explained to her friend Miley.

Gomez also shared that she underwent a treatment for anxiety, depression, and other states with which it has been dealing. In fact, he said that it is working with the tools learned in therapy to face this time of challenging social distancing due to the current situation.

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Some of these tools include reading fiction and poetry, as well as spending time in nature. “Here is where we put ourselves to the test. How do we try to address this?”, said Selena, “This can be a time to be kind to ourselves. Take breaks from the noise and even the social networks… Just being outside and breathing”, he continued.

The beautiful young woman paused to express their emotions, rather than keep them suppressed. “I think that talking about what you feel is extremely helpful,” he said. Sometimes I have to feel it, sometimes I have to cry and let it go, and simply breathe deeply. I am a great empathetic, so I am sorry that you feel the world”, he added. “Being there for other people to actually help me.”

“You’re an inspiration to many people and I want to surround myself with people like you, so I hope that we can go together when you finish the pandemic”, said Miley Cyrus.
For her part, Selena Gomez said to Miley Cyrus: “I’ve Always been your fan. I think you’re one of the best singers of all time”. It really was a live too emotive, where the girls showed transparent talking about their problems, their emotions, their careers, managed to see that encantdora friendship that they have from years ago.