So regrets Hollywood the retirement of Bernie Sanders on the presidential race


A lot of celebrities have made public his sadness and disappointment after the democrat officially announced his retirement

So regrets Hollywood the retirement of Bernie Sanders on the presidential race

Bernie Sanders.


Shortly after the leftist Bernie Sanders announced withdrew his candidacy from the presidential race in the U.S., numerous figures of Hollywood lamented the news, because the political has been the favorite for a large part of the world of entertainment and culture.

John Leguizamo, Nancy Sinatra, Rosanna Arquette and Mia Farrow were some of the stars who spoke out on social networks to fire the democrat and thank them for their election campaign, he has received the support of numerous figures from the world of cinema, in addition to musicians as Ariana Grande, The Strokes and Bon Iver.

“Bravo, Bernie!”, tweeted Nancy Sinatra minutes after that Sanders announced his decision.

Then, the interpreter “These Boots Are Made for Walking” calling for unity in the Democratic Party to maintain the goal of “defeating Donald Trump”.

Also the colombian John Leguizamo he wanted to thank the work of the political.

“Thank You, Bernie! We all know that you have made us all more progressive and you’ve sacrificed a lot for the united States”said about the candidate, who in this campaign has focused great support among latino voters.

At the same time, the actress Alyssa Milano spent a few words more emotive to Sanders.

You’ve changed the game forever and you made us think of all the ways on how we need to do more and better. Your efforts will be reflected in the activism of generations and will inspire policies to make the world a better place. Thanks”, said the interpreter, has also been one of the leading voices of the movement #MeToo.

The funny thing is that Milano has been criticized on previous occasions to Sanders and has positioned itself in favor of his opponent, Joe Biden.

From the other shore, the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, who supported his candidacy in 2016 when he lost against Hillary Clinton and so again in 2020, showed his sadness for the decision.

“I feel so hopeless, devastated, and without force. Bernie is our future”, put in your Twitter profile.

Also the comedian Sarah Silverman he said that he was “with the broken heart” by the withdrawal.

One of the protagonists of the series Netflix “Queer Eye” and icon of the culture, LGBT, Jonathan Van Ness, he thanked the work of your campaign team and threw tempers “on a day so difficult.”

“Thank you for fighting for all”, tweeted next to the flag rainbow.

Since the launch for the second time to the presidential race, Sanders has met many representatives of the show.

For example, the pop star Ariana Grande published several photographs embracing him after a campaign event.

Singers like Halsey and Cardi B participated actively in his campaign and representatives of the “indie” as The Strokes, Vampire Weekend Bon Iver have played music in their meetings, converted in large concerts.

Even so, this Wednesday, Sanders, the self-styled wannabe socialist, withdrew from the race and left the way open to the vice-president Joe Biden to become the candidate who disputes the White House to the current president, the republican Donald Trump.

“To see the crisis that is gripping the nation, I cannot continue in good conscience with a campaign that can’t win and that would interfere with the important work required by all of us in this difficult time”said Sanders, 78 years old, in reference to the pandemic coronavirus.

Despite its abandonment, the senator has managed to include in the agenda of debate in the U.S. issues considered almost taboo a few years ago, as the implementation of the health and education systems of public and universal.