Son of Amy Schumer is preparing something adorable in the kitchen!


LOS ANGELES (united States).- He is the son of Amy Schumer is preparing something adorable in the kitchen! The comedian shared the photo most cute child of 11 months, Gene, dressed in a hat of chef, an apron, which said “Baby Chef” and pants checkered, close to a plug.

It calm!!! The house of Amy it is completely baby proof, with plastic covers on the plugs, so that the little one is out of danger. Now, the whole Gene was much like what his father, Chris Fischer, used for a day at work as an esteemed chef.

“11 months and sneaky as hell”, entitled the star of Trainwreck, the tender image that has been made to sigh, to their amazing fans. Stars such as Beanie Feldstein and Ben Platt have left comments on the publication, which said, “my child” and “a gift of an image”, in capital letters.

But this is only the most recent photo that Amy he has shared his small. The account of Instagram the comedian is full of pictures and videos of your precious child. A video of the march 16 showed, for example, to Gene trying to walk towards Amy.

Despite the fact that Amy is a new mother, your brand of humor is obscene has not changed one bit. In fact, in his history of Instagram on the 11th march, Amy confessed to the mega-star Kanye West and Kim Kardashian that I was more than ready to “walk the runway” while creating hilariously a leotard with V-neck on some bicycle shorts beige.