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There have been calm days also, I do not believe it. We had to fire the producer, and in its place we have put a monkey with a hurdy-gurdy. We start answering in the style of the classic rap: sound with vintage filter that makes your voice unrecognizable and, therefore, much more sensual. Take advantage of now that is free, that in a few days we will of coins to be able to eat.

In terms of content, it is not easy to sum up: fakes of Britney Spears calling to strike of rentals, singer-songwriters passed by the blender, compliments to Amancio Ortega and what you rondaré, brunette. In our constant aspiration of social advancement, we’ve sent several mails offering advertising space to companies friends as AirBnB, Blackstone, Codere and CaixaBank.

Subject: That to pay the vultures. For the moment nothing, but we are going to count.

The 40ena Main
[Podcast] The 40ena Main | Week #2 | 40 to 31


40. MARCH BAD – Ly Raine

39. IHESA ZILEGI BALITZ – Jah Goikoa eta Reagge Zaharra

38. OVER YONDER – Roberto Sanchez

37. HELLO – Southern University Marching Band

36. I was BORN FOR – Rapsusklei

35. THE PANTHER – Manu Dibango

34. YOU HAVEN’t DONE NOTHING – Stevie Wonder

33. A TIN – Chill Mafia

32. THE CORONAVIRUS WANTS to REACH out – Police of Quintana Roo

31. STRIKE RENTAL – Covritney Spears