The athletes ‘old’ in the sport world


One of the most difficult challenges for any athlete is to say goodbye at the right time, even, some have pointed out that the decision is more complicated than that faced in their careers.

On the other hand, there are athletes that it seems that age and experience does not weigh them down and keep the level of performance that their disciplines require them.

Let’s take a look at the athletes that it seems that the youth is eternal and will remain active as the veterans in their respective sports or leagues.


Serena Williams

Age: 38 years old

He won his first grand slam title at 17 years of age or, if you prefer, 21 years ago, when he beat switzerland’s Martina Hingis in the Final of the US Open.

After winning his first title and do it at home, Serena has won 39 grand slam titles, 23 of them individual and four olympic medals. The last grand slam title he won was the Australian Open in 2017 and is maintained in active.

Roger Federer

Age: 38 years old

The swiss, considered by many as the best tennis player in history, is currently the No. 4 in the ATP rankings, which speaks of the level that still shows on the pitch, despite not winning a grand slam since 2018.

In total, Federer added 20 grand slam titles, being the Wimbledon scenario where most often raised her arms in triumph with eight victories on the pitch in london.



Vince Carter

Age: 43 years old

Once I began to play basketball as a child, it seems that Vince Carter had no intention of stopping.

The current player for the Atlanta Hawks, recognized as one of the best at spiking the ball in the basket in the history of the NBA, came into the league in 1998 as the fifth overall pick college draft by the Golden State Warriors and then leave test his talent in several teams in a career of 22 years.



Manny Pacquiao

Age: 41 years old

The filipino is currently the defending champion of greater age in the pugilism international, after winning the Welter title in 2019 and to do so by knockout.

Regardless of your age and the fact of being the defending champion, Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39 KOs), is in the crosshairs of boxers current popularity of the younger age and then say that he wanted to fight several times in 2020, to the stoppage of activities by pandemic coronavirus, it is likely that the filipino want to put on the gloves in 2021.



Adam Vinatieri

Age: 47 years old

The season 2019 has been, perhaps, the most complicated in the career of the kicker and insurance a member of the Hall of Fame, to have the percentage of effectiveness lowest (68.0 per cent) of his career after connecting on 17 of 25 attempts field goal.

Even, the season of Vinatieri ended prematurely by an injury to the left knee.

In his career, which began in 1996, Vinatieri has won four titles of Super Bowl, three with the New England Patriots and one with the Indianapolis Colts, his current team.



Kazuyoshi Miura

Age: 53 years

Who does not know a person who, at 53 years of age, did not complain of any pain?

When this happens, there will be that to mention the name of the japanese Kazuyoshi Miura, who at 53 years old, is the player in active elderly in the world.

The japanese was formed as a footballer in Brazil, where he began his career in 1986 with Santos FC that country. In his career he has played in his native country, Italy, Croatia and Australia. He currently plays for Yokohama FC of Japan.

In total, the longest-serving front japanese sum 221 goals in his career, 55 of them with the national team of Japan.



Fernando Rodney

Age: 43 years old

The launcher dominican is three years older than the second in the list of baseball players of greater age in the Big Tent, his fellow countryman Albert Pujols.

Rodney, who now plays with the Washington Nationals, with whom he won the World Series in 2019, he began his career in 2002 with the Detroit Tigers and currently is still considered a waiver of confidence.

In 17 years, the extrovert launcher, known by their celebrations on the hill, sum 327 rescues, a figure which places him in 18th place in the history of the Largest.