The controversial role of Belen Cuesta in The house of paper 4


The fourth season reveals that the character of Costs it is not a hostage in the robbery at the Bank of Spain, but a member of the gang that is infiltrated between the victims and whose name is Manila.

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Through some of the many flashbacks in the series, The house of paper reveals that during the preparation of the first robbery Denver and his father, Moscow attempted to put also in the band the son of a friend, Johnny. Although the Teacher is at first reluctant to join another “known” to the group, after a conversation with the Berlin change your mind.

So, Moscow, Denver, and Professor go to the bus station to pick up Johnny… now is Julia, played by Hill who therefore interprets a character as a transgender. This detail has generated outrage in some followers of the series, through Twitter han expressed disagreement with the fact that an actress cisgénero give life to a trans woman.

Paquita Rooms, Paco León or Scarlett Johansson

There have also been many that have pointed out the contradiction that supposes that precisely to be an actress of Paquitas Rooms that give life to a character like this, as the series of Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi he devoted a chapter of its third season to the problems of the interpreters, trans.

This debate has already emerged previously with actors such as Paco León, who played a trans woman in The house of flowersor Scarlett Johansson, which was to give life to a man trans in the film ‘Rub and Tug’ that finally rejected it.