The Crocs could become a new icon streetwear: Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Post Malone as the lead as if they were the running shoes most sought


Let’s be clear from the first moment, so as not to give rise to misunderstandings: the Crocs they are comfortable, but it is complicated to find someone that catalogue of beautiful. The axiom is not subject to debate: we don’t know anyone to whom you seem cool or, at least, acceptable (on an aesthetic level). It is a clog of plastic with perforations in the forefoot and a structure for orthopaedic applications.

However, whether we like it or not, the Crocs are popular in all corners of the planet. Well because there are those who are focused on your comfort or well because its appearance is controversial, these clogs can enliven a conversation in a matter of seconds. In fact, this happened a little over a week when Bad Bunny, the most recent icon of reggaeton and the new king of the streetwearshe premiered the video for his latest single, I dirty dancing, single. If you have an eye accustomed to hunt for trends, you’ll know why we say it. If not, don’t worry: you just have to open Youtube, type “I dirty dancing alone”, play the video and go to minute 02:10.

Bad Bunny saabe with what look bailarás non-stop this summer his latest single, ‘I dirty dancing alone’ (and includes a few Crocs).

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Effectively, what you see at their feet are a few Crocs. A Crocs white, in the purest style of health care. That Bad Bunny –lover confessed of the sneakers and possessor of a collection of models of editions limited– we put a few Crocs to roll the video clip of his last hit world can mean something.

What if it turns out that the Crocs are the footwear a favourite of the famous?

To confirm our theory, we begin to dive into Google: Bad Bunny repeated the same model to act in the program of James Corden and other green to attend the Jimmy Fallon. Justin Bieber have, as a minimum, four models (in fuchsia, white, grey and yellow, whose holes decorated with pins of Commes des Garcons, Nike, and Ferrari). Jared Leto do not take off until he became ambassador of Gucci. And Pharrell Williams pulled on the model Tie Dye Graphic with some white socks to go to the premier of The Black Godfather.

Maybe the Crocs are not as horrible if they adapt to the trends of the catwalks as these with effect tie-dye that has Pharrell…

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By the end of 2018 –and by 2019–, the rapper Post Malone launched a collaborative capsule with Crocs call Posty Cowhich hung the sign of sold out in less than two hours, reports CNN, and whose models they resell in Stock X for 900 euros. Until the media experts I rated the Yeezy Foam Runner Kanye West for adidas as some Crocs cut sci-fi futuristic.

What if the Crocs have the potential to become a new icon streetwear? It sounds as crazy as pretentious. However, it is not a coincidence that the referents of the more rebellious of the music –and, in these specific cases, also of the fashion– show a predilection for this clog in perforated (the origin of the collaboration between Post-Malone and Crocs comes from an obsession of the first by the second). What if, even though it was in a parallel reality or in the distant future, the Crocs became the next sneakers?

Why Crocs could be a new symbol of streetwear (believe it or not)

If we think in an analytical way and without letting ourselves be carried away by passions and indignations, link Crocs with streetwear it is not so far-fetched. What was not Demna Gvasalia, standard bearer for all of the urban fashion on the catwalk, who is at the helm of Balenciaga showcased in the parade of spring / summer 2018 some Crocs with maxiplataforma? By ironic as it may seem, the model of $ 850, sold out and became the new whim of a collector.

Just a year before, for his collection spring / summer 2017, Christopher Kane –in the same fifth creative Gvasalia– partnered with Crocs to fit the models out with clogs stamping effect marble and precious stones of imitation. And in 2018, was the signing streetwear californian Pleasures that reversionó this clog to speak of the urban fashion as “a representation of the comfort”. Yes, it is true that we will notify you of which the urban fashion was in the detriment after the resurrection of the elegant man, but we are also seeing how it transforms and adapts to the new classicism.

The Crocs Demna Gvasalia for the spring/summer collection 2018 Balenciaga were as ironic as successful

© Courtesy of Balenciaga

In case outside little, there is actual data and completely objective that justify the potential mass popularity of these clogs: just as we told you, the company, trend analysis and consulting firm Lyst warned in its latest report the searches related to the Crocs had grown to around a 1500% in the last quarter of the year (more specifically, between November and December). And is that, as indicated in the Wall Street Journal, after nearly falling into bankruptcy the past decade, they are now earning the love of influencers and celebrities alike. Much helped also a challenge viral on the social network Tik Tok that was to introduce the feet into some Crocs flooded in shaving foam.

If it still sounds all a fable, far-fetched, remember the first time you saw the ugly sneakers. In a first moment were considered unsightly, ironic, excessive, extravagant and one more example of how the feísmo was establishing itself in the textile industry. However, soon became a sign of rebellion mass. Get a ugly sneakers it was a statement of intent, a call of attention that came to the masses, which led to luxury brands to produce them and sell them ad nauseum. Is this not the same ‘you love it or you hate’ that cause (in their way) the Crocs?

Has been enter in Google and see at least 4 models of Crocs different in the feet of Bieber.

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