The grand gesture of Jennifer Aniston with a brave nurse that touches the Internet


The actress of ‘Friends’ asked to meet Kimball Fairbanks, who contracted COVID-19, during the program of Jimmy Kimmel, and it made a great gift.

We love Jennifer Aniston. Our Friend preferred is a synonym of virtue and good vibes, a lovable girl next door who seems to live in a perpetual state of grace. And with facts of the shows. Is that Jenn was surprised to Kimball Fairbank, a nurse with coronaviruses, the most adorable.

The surprise occurred in the air, in the program of Jimmy Kimmel that, given the quarantine, is being emitted from the home of the actor. Kimmel interviewed Fairbank, who lives in Saint George, Utah, and narrated his intense personal story. The nurse, a mother of two small girls, was positive in the test of COVID-19 after working with infected patients. Fairbanks due isolated away from his family and even he couldn’t cook herself. Despite all of this, Kimball said he was better and showed a humor impeccable to overcome the situation.

The story was moved to Jennifer and the actress communicated with the program in full edit to send a message of support.We wanted to cheer you up a bit, so I’d like you to meet someone. It is called Jennifer, “said Kimmel, before crossing for video call.

“Hello, sweetheart, it’s a pleasure to meet you”, he greeted the actress Friends. “I can only say that God bless you and all who are out there doing what you’re doing. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude for all that you are doing, such as putting your health at risk. They are phenomenal, phenomenal!”added.

But the best part came after, when Kimmel and Aniston joined their efforts to financial to be loaded the expenses of Fairbanks during the isolation, including the food that you should ask for at home by not being able to cook. “You will receive a gift card of Postmates-a company that delivers products) for a value of $ 10,000” said Aniston, who further added that the companions of the nurse will also receive gift cards to cover the extra costs of the health crisis.

The gesture is charming and appropriate, and motivates us so much that most people who have can accompany with media materials to the fighting in the first ranks against the pandemic. A round of applause to the heroes of the health service!

Cover image: Youtube.