The hairdresser of Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa or Kim Kardashian gives the keys to cut the hair of our child at home


The confinement is getting to be quite self-sufficient (or try to) in terms of beauty is concerned. So, these days we have given you the keys of how to take hair extensions, enamel permanent, how teñirnos how cortaros the bangs and even how to cutting hair, our manes. However, the boys also need certain keys on how to cut your hair and, for this reason, we resorted to the wisdom of the experts to do the best job possible.

So, beyond throwing razor and rapar (which can be a solution very practical, things as they are, for example, a few days ago Eduardo Sanchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchezwas giving us the keys of how to cut a hair short if it is that we could not wait at the end of the confinement (which is what most recommend them for fear of not being able to fix so easily our estropicios).

If it is a cut with a razor pretty short, you can resort to the razor. The ideal is that the cutting with a razor is a hair closer on the sides and in the nape of the neck and go being longer at the top, but it is a cut that requires more expertise, so I recommend not to complicate things and make a cut that has the same length all over the head. In fact, in regard to the men’s court, if it is a cut something more long and well worked, in that you can not put razor, I recommend to let it grow and use styling products like waxes or gels wet to go to casting and don’t bother.

And, going a little further, we have also been able to see these days at the hairdresser-stylist Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashianamong others , the amazing Chris Appleton, we wanted to give all the keys of how to do so through its account of Instagram.

Step 1: cut the hair

To start with separating the hair with some tweezers to mark the difference between areas over long (top of head) and the shorter (the part of the nape and sides). Chris takes from what would be the parietal, the classic entries, to the lower part of the crown of the head.

Step 2: preparing the razor

Yes, as tools, as well as scissors, tweezers and comb, we need a razor that has several attachments to a greater or lesser length. So, for example, the most sold Amazon, brand Hatteker with a price of 49,99 euros can be a good investment.

Hatteker Barber Electric Cortapelos Professional Man Cutter Hair Cutter Hair Rechargeable shaver Trimmer Beard and Precision Waterproof 5-in-1

Hatteker Barber Electric Cortapelos Professional Man Cutter Hair Cutter Hair Rechargeable shaver Trimmer Beard and Precision Waterproof 5-in-1

razor hatterker

When choosing the accessory, Chris says that he tends to choose the one that cuts at the 3, but that, given the possibility that we, for beginners it is best to start with a 4.

Step 3: begin to cut

Always start with the sides, first one and then another, starting from the part nearest to the face to finish with part of the nape of the neck, from the bottom to the top, making a movement out when we go reaching to the top of the hair.

To blend the cuts that you will notice, tells us that now we use a fixture more short and let go of the way that he does.

Step 4: top of the head

Once you’ve finished the sides of the head, remove the clamps, take the scissors, humedecemos slightly the hair on the top of the head and we’re going to the topic. Appleton tells us that imagine a form of a half circle at the top of the head, that way we are cutting the sides of the “circle” imaginary with the comb and scissors.

At the top of the head, cut according to the desired length (thirst wise), the part that will be where we keep the extra length. Here scissors put them in a position perpendicular to to add texture and keep the ends more natural. We are making lines and cutting until you get to the front.

Step 5: cut of the front

Finally, we have to go to the front, the bangs, so to speak, in which he advises to pull a little to the back of the hair because it will keep a bit of length. We only need to comb it at this time because it would already be ready.

Yes, first of all, the best advice we can take from Chris Appleton is to go slowly, begin by cutting a little you can always trim a little more if necessary.

Now the only thing left is to get down to work.

Photos | @chrisappleton1