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To read the quarantine imposed by the global pandemic of coronaviruses, more and more artists and celebrities who maintain a direct contact with their fans through concerts or lectures on their social networks. It is the case of Miley Cyrus, who once a week carried out an interview to a famous person through Instagram Live. One of his last guest has been Selena Gomez who, inspired by the comfort of that intimate conversation, and staff, revealed that is suffering from a bipolar disorder.

Gomez said that, after a long time searching for an explanation to his mood swings so sudden, at the end found the answer. “I recently went to one of the best psychiatric facilities, the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts, in the united States, and I realized finally that, after years of going through many different things, this is a bipolar disorder”, told the singer matter-of-factly about his mental problems.

The exchica Disney confessed that he does not fear of her diagnosis and she has been a liberation after years of doubts and uncertainties, because now you have all the information in your hand to be able to move forward. “The more information I have, the more I help,” and added: “you can’t scare me, once I know what it is […] When I finally decided that he wanted to know everything I took away the fear of this disease, I am not afraid”.

With his speech, the interpreter of Wolves he admitted that, although this is a serious problem, with the right treatment you can lead a completely normal life. He insisted on the need to have information and knowledge to face this situation, and recalled an episode that happened when he was a child. “I was afraid of thunderstorms and my mother bought me many books about electrical storms. I said: ‘The more you educate them on this, unless you’re going to have.” To learn about do this to overcome her fear of him worked, and now, with the bipolar disorder, will the same thing has happened.

At 27 years old, is not the first time that Selena Gomez speaks so openly of her mental problems. In addition to the lupus that you have, and that forced him to undergo a kidney transplant just three years ago, the artist has told in numerous interviews their problems of anxiety and depression, mostly caused by reaching fame from so young and root, especially, of his relationship with his comings and goings with Justin Bieber.

In February 2018, Selena Gomez suffered an emotional crisis that led her to enter in a centre where it underwent a two-week program for treating depression and anxiety. A few issues that a few months later, in October of that same year, he returned to enter a psychiatric facility, where he stayed for two months. Now supports feel good about herself and feels that the medication is the key to mental problems. “I feel good. I’m taking the appropriate medication for my mental illness. I firmly believe in the need to make checks with your therapist and your doctor,” he explained at the beginning of this year the own Gomez in an interview on the public radio american.

The reunion of Miley Cyrus with Selena Gomez has not been the only one. Throughout these weeks, Cyrus has contacted old friends of the factory Disney, with whom he had lost contact over the years and is now in full quarantine, has wanted to resume the friendship. “I am very happy that we have become to be in relationship with. That is enough. Connect with people and to know that you are there,” she told Selena Gomez to Cyrus. The same thing you said Demi Lovato and Hilary Duff, who was seen when the pandemic and the confinement come to an end.

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