The initiative of Mark Ruffalo, who loved Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo are two of the actors most beloved of Hollywood. The actress has been nearly thirty years appearing in tv shows and films, while the actor got a popularity increased thanks to his role of the Hulk that will continue playing in the Movie Universe of Marvel.

The actor had an initiative that caught the attention of Aniston. That is why the protagonist of ‘The Morning Show’ was instructed to disclose this through their stories on Instagram, where she has 32 million followers.

The actress asked her followers to collaborate with the solidarity action that takes place Ruffalo. “My friend, Mark Ruffalo, began with an initiative to help our teams. These people are the backbone of the industry”, he began by saying the writing of the american actress.

“They play a vital role in the stories that we tell. They are our community and they need our help during this time”, he added. “If you can, join me by donating to the people behind all the movies and shows that we warm in the house”, closed Jennifer Aniston that called for collaboration for these people.

Hollywood is completely paralyzed due to the coronavirus. That is why hundreds of thousands of people working in this industry are without any source of income until the resumption of fictions.