The jokes made Tekashi 6ix9ine after getting out of prison


The rapper of mexican descent, Tekashi 6ix9ine, he got out of jail a few days ago and is already joking about it on social networksbecause it has made a couple of comments within your personal account of Instagram.

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It was in this publication that Daniel Hernandez, real name of the rapper commented sarcastically: “I’m going to the rescue”, he wrote. This is referring to those who called him a snitch, after having spoken out against the gang Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, of which she was a part.

In addition to that, within your account on the same social network, although it has not made new publications (the latest is 72 weeks), yes decided to change the description of his biography.

Why all the world is calling me snitch? Am I missing something?”wrote next to the emoji of a face doubtful.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has had more luck than might have been expected, as, after having succeeded to get a date of earlier release, the rapper will have the opportunity to serve the four months remaining of their sentence outside of prison.

According to the web site Pitchfork, the rapper will fulfill the remainder of his sentence from confinement at home, and will be under government surveillancedue to the outbreak of coronavirus, which currently has many cases in New York.

Lawrence Lazzaro, attorney Daniel Hernandez, real name of the musician, called for the early release of his client in a letter sent to judge Paul E. Engelmayer on the 22nd of march. In this, Lazzaro explained that Hernandez suffers from asthma and even “has been hospitalized regularly due to serious attacks of asthma”.

Mr. Hernandez has been complaining about with the guards of the prison this week due to lack of breathingbut apparently the director of the installation will not let Mr. Hernandez go to the hospital despite the recommendation of the medical director that Mr. Hernandez is treated by a doctor in a hospital,” explained the letter.

The request of Tekashi 6ix9ine was rejected in the beginning, however, after a series of appeals, he was granted the release.

Last December, the rapper was sentenced to two years in prison, and would be out until December of this year. However, his date of final release is ahead of the past month.

According to reports from the magazine Peoplethe young 23-year-old “has been a perfect model of the prisoner from that he was jailed,” he told the magazine, one of their lawyers, Dawn Florio. Hernandez already had 13 months in jail before being sentenced.

The singer could have been sentenced to decades in prison for crimes that included the orchestration of a shooting in which an innocent passer was injured. He pleaded guilty at the beginning of 2019 of charges that accuse him of joining the band known as the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods and cooperated with the police.

After his arrest, he got rid of the reputation of the outlaw that had been shown in the internet, and testified against their fellow gang members at the beginning of 2019, which made some label as a “snitch”. The testimony helped secure the convictions of two high-ranking members of the gang.

Their cooperation was impressive. I was changing the game. It was full and brave” said the judge Engelmayer to announce the sentence, which is much lower than the federal guidelines for the crimes, in a courtroom of Manhattan.

Before his sentence, 6ix9ine expressed their sorrow for having joined the band, apologizing to his family, to his fans and to the victims of the case.

I am not a victim. I got in this position since the first day. I made many bad choices in life, but that does not make me a bad person,” he said.