The knit jacket ‘Toy Story’, which has devastated these early months of 2020


“There is a friend in me…”. So begins the song from the soundtrack of ‘Toy Story’ and of our childhood, or the time in which your children -now adults – were children. Or perhaps you are more of the scrooge Mcduck or Mickey Mouse… What will Disney that unites and dazzles all the generations without exception!

It is clear that this factory has the power to become young at any age to exercise his fascination in the public and in the brands. The leadership of Disney in the emporium of licenses is indisputable. This system helps brands to sell in bulk and the factory to lively reported $ 54 million dollars a yearthat number is to expand by 2020. This year, Alessandro Michelle -creative director of Gucci-launched to the market a new collection on the occasion of the chinese New Year, which is coinciding with ‘the year of the rat’, has created all a number of accessories, t-shirts, bags, and shoes with the face of Mickey Mouse, the value of which reaches in some of its products to more than 4,000 euros.

Image of the campaign of Gucci.
Image of the campaign of Gucci.

For this campaign, Gucci launched a huge display to make the photo session in Disneyland with chinese actress Ni Ni, actor Earl Cave and poetess Zoe Blue as the image. Do this time the giant copy of the kid? This is what we ask ourselves all, as Inditex and Primark had already purchased the licenses to Disney and had spent over two years accumulating successes selling from cups to t-shirts, pajamas… Perhaps our Klaus has not won the Oscar for a strategy of ‘merchandising’? We will never know.

The response of Amancio has not been made to wait has launched a whole new collection of Disney and a nod to ‘Toy Story’ in a special knit jacket dedicated to Woody who has already hung the poster of ‘sold out’, and who the influencers Maria Valente and Cristina Calatrava have already viralizado in their profiles Instagramthe jacket was sold in all sizes in 48 hours, so you have that factor of love at first sight that many have felt for various reasons.

The famous have not been able to resist the magic of Disney to you and have to Aitana Ocaña looking to Jasmine, Chiara Ferragni with the most famous mouse in the world, Miley Cyrus leaving aside the rebellion to return to explore the little girl who was and, even, the collaborator ‘Save me’ Mila Ximénez, which with its styling makes it clear to us that any age is good to become a little child again, and be fantastic.

If you want to alternative ‘low cost’ you in Stradivarius the opportunity to dress as Aitana for 15,99 eurosthe t-shirt genius most brilliant in Primark for 9,95 eurosor this tender sweatshirt Drum, by 25,95 in Zara.

Leaving aside all the factor trends, market strategies and profits of the company, the reason why you buy a garment as mine is remember the time the most happy and carefree of your life and, in my case, putting me at the height of my son, sharing with him a character that for me has a special meaning. Re-getting into the skin of that girl that I still carry within, and that motherhood demands that I take in each day, now the song makes much more sense: “There is a friend in me and when you suffer from here I will have it. I will be with you”. “The time will go, what is ours will not die, because there is a friend in me”. The word of the mother.