The latest in Spanish cinema or a “masterclass” fashion, plans for Tuesday

Madrid, 7 apr (EFE).- Enjoy free of the last major titles of the Spanish cinema and point you to a master class of fashion to learn how to design your own collection are the two plans of leisure that offers this Tuesday, in which there are also good options, musical or literary, not to forget the physical exercise.

— Metallica or Miley Cyrus are still waving the “networks” of music.

Tuesday will bring the possibility of enjoying a new direct historic Metallica on its official Youtube channel. Continue in addition to the performances daily from artists such as Miley Cyrus on your channel from Instagram. In Spain, the festival #VibraEnCasa will also take advantage of the concerts “online” Candy Orchard at 17 hours and The Masks to 20 hours.

— Enjoy the best Spanish film with the “We are cinema” of RTVE

Some of the best titles of the film recent Spanish can be viewed at the open on the web “We are cinema” which has launched RTVE. Films like “Champions” by Javier Fesser, “Juliet” Pedro Almodóvar, “The olive tree” by Icíar Bollaín, “Operation Seashell”, Antonio Cuadri or “Anacleto secret agent” by Javier Ruiz Caldera.

Throughout the month of April, the catalogue will be expanded with movies, directors and actors devoted, the most awarded of recent years, and some of the highest grossing.

— Also in the series “Pure”, a bold british sitcom.The platform Netflix launches today the series “Pure”, a bold british sitcom that is inspired by the autobiographical book of Rose Cartwright.

Marnie is a girl of 24 years that can’t stop thinking about sex to the point of imagining your own parents having sex. One day she decides to leave the small town of scotland in which she lives to move to London, and there try to start a new life discovers that he has an obsessive compulsive disorder.

— “I ordered a book”, an initiative of the literary to cope with the quarantine

In the maelstrom of the crisis health, the School of Writers begins today to “prescribe” books to cope with the quarantine. The first libróloga that will see this Tuesday from 17:00 to 19:00 hours is the writer Marta Sanz.

To ask time you have to enter the page If there are no appointment for this afternoon, there is a calendar for every day with different writers, “guard” that will give you your diagnosis and a prescription literary to relieve your ailments.

— Learn how to create your own fashion collection from the hand of the designer Moisés Nieto

The Instituto Europeo di Design of Madrid (IED Madrid) will offer in its schedule of Holy Week a master class with the designer Moisés Nieto. “From concept to garment. The creation of a fashion collection”.

From your experience, Moisés Nieto, fashion designer and director of the Fashion school of IED Madrid, will be, the next day, April 8, at 19.00 hours, the creative process required to create a collection.

During the next few weeks IED Madrid will offer a cycle of conferences and master classes around the design, and are taught by some of their teachers more prominent. Classes are free and open, previous registration, and each week they will play different.

— Keep your body well toned with the “Tone It Up”

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, known as the “Tone It Up”, have been revolutionizing the panorama “fitness” and on its Youtube channel explaining exercises to have a well toned body.