The link that will unite forever Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt


This is what happens when one of the couples most legendary of Hollywood.

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt assembled, all we believed in love. Then they got married and everything seemed like a fairy tale. But unfortunately after we got a hit of reality, and they ended up divorcing.

Their marriage lasted barely 5 years, and although they take us 15 separated, their fans have spent all that time dreaming of a reconciliation, especially now that the fate colluded to leave them both completely single and free of commitments.

The frenzy maximum of Bennifer came to the early 2020’s, when the awards season brought them together once more in public at the SAG Awards.

After seeing them with laughter and hugs in this show where both of them stood out as winners, the hysteria did not wait… But, how is your relationship in truth?

Watch the video above and let you respond Melissa Etheridge, an old friend of this great couple.