The private Detective I hired found no evidence against Johnny Depp


The case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard it is probably one of the most turbid and dark of Hollywood over the last few years. After the end of his marriage with Depp, the actress accused him of brutal physical assaults and psychological, in addition to severe alcohol problems and anger management. The actor, for his part, has defended in court by ensuring that it was Heard who attacked him really.

However, the legal battle has been marked by accusations crusades, raw so-called evidences and it really seems never ending. This, because now the media that have followed the case report that Heard it failed in a new attempt to accuse Depp.

According to The Country, according to british media, through its lawyers the actress hired a prestigious private investigator to find people who avalaran your version of her ex-husband is a violent person.

Paul Barresi, the researcher in question, revealed that their goal was to find people who would have been the subject ofverbal or physical abuse on the part of Depp to have them as witnesses in the defamation cases that face to the couple.

However, the researcher claims to have interviewed at least a hundred people in the united States and Europe, it would have been found with testimonies radically different to what you expected Heard. Even, Barresi describea the actress as “emotionally exhausted, battered and tormented”.

In the meantime, will have to wait for the justice to determine the alleged responsibility of both actors in the physical and verbal assaults that have marked their statements after the divorce.