The quarantine of Adal Ramones by the coronavirus: with TV and theatre in pause, but with a plan for the return of “Another Roll”


For the presenter Adal Ramones the quarantine for the coronavirus it is like being in The groundhog day, the famous movie by Bill Murray that all the days are repeated.

While fighting the routine is active thinking, not only in the way in which the theatre should emerge once you pass the worst of the pandemicbut also in projects which, for now, remain on television.

In an interview for Infobae Mexico, Adal told her how it has affected you economically and emotionally to the crisis by COVID-19 and revealed that yes there is a plan by which could meet the cast of Another Roll.

Last week both Adal as Yordi Rosado, Eduardo Spain, Gaby Platas, Mauricio Castillo, Roxana Castellanos and Consuelo Duval appeared in a video for ask the people to stay in their home and avoid the spread of the virus.

Although that video sparked the hopes of people who want to see new features in tv, Adal is clear that at least through this medium is very complicated for a meeting.

– Do you think that it would be possible to return Another Roll to the television?

-We have never spoken of it because the whole world has in his mind that it would be almost impossible, I am in TV Azteca and they in Televisa. You have to be honest, that golden era of television, when Another Roll broke the ratings, it finished a long time ago

While he acknowledged that the “cake” of the audience has divided already with the streaming platforms and social networks, it also noted that broadcast television still has its weight.

What is certain is that, according to Adal, “that blow mediádito of the time of Another Roll does not exist. The public lived that last wave of the tv that grabbed the eyes of millions, have a talk show like that is impossible.”

And is that for more than a decade, Another Roll had a great audience and had guests of international stature such as Britney Spears or Sylvester Stallone.

That’s why you think that the way in which I could return Another Roll it would be in theater.

“What we would really like would be go on tour, create a tour through Latin America, the united States, by all those places which vibrated with Another Roll. Theatrically, I think that could be very attractive to the public. We have already spoken and are happy with the theme, but with this pandeamia I think that all of those plans would be until the next year”.

Adal Ramones feels blessed by the fact that the quarantine for coronavirus as surprised as he was with his family in Acapulco and that is from over a month ago led to his sons and his wife to the port, so that you are dates spent in the company of their loved ones.

But not everything has been easy, because, although it has the scenery of the sea and a swimming pool to have fun with their little ones, it is also true that the routine is the challenge to be overcome.

“I brought my family for a little over a month and we were supposed to return to Mexico in two weeks. We had to stay here, obviously without leaving the beach. I feel like in that famous movie with Bill Murray, The groundhog day, you go to the terrace and is on the same day”.

The possible return of Another Roll it is not the only project that has been in a pause in the life of Adal. The presenter had to reschedule the Us tour of the play Two plus two, that took more than 2 thousand roles at the Teatro Jorge Negrete in Mexico City.

And just the matter of the theatre is one of the most concern to Adal, it will be complicated its revival in the country once you pass the pandemic.

“The theater will take a little longer to boot up. We will get to work faster than normal to meet the demand of a public that hardly will begin to take to the streets”.

He noted that it will also be important to take precautions, such as the number of people with access to every forum, to avoid generating psychosis; thinking “works with casts smaller, maybe the ticket is more economically attractive”.

That’s why he said that it is important that you have some support on the part of the authorities to be able to continue to bring productions to the public.

The projects in television

Adal revealed in the interview that the last day of The Academy their heads in TV Azteca, Alberto Ciurana and Sandra Smester, came up with him to tell them that they already had a new project that, by the way, you left enthralled.

“I went back, it is impressive, is very large. It has never been seen on television, or in the country where it was created it has been done, just made the demo”said, although by now, I can’t give more details.

However, the production involves many people in the study, the reason for which there is no date to start recording and that is that, as Adal well pointed out, “in the television everything is standing still”.

Nor can you travel in may to Argentina to participate in a television programme that will bring together figures from other places. For now the tentative date of start is at the beginning of July, but the driver does not know whether he will be able to achieve or will delay again the start of the project.