The series to which it is attached to Eleanor (and that Letizia has forbidden at home)


April 07, 2020
(13:26 CET)

It is no secret that the Queen Letizia is a woman that likes to have everything very controlled. It is very demanding both with itself and with those who are around you. The staff that is at your service knows it well.

A requirement also imposes on his daughters, the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. What less, taking into account that they are the future of the monarchy and the institution.

Leonor and reading

In this sense, tells the magazine Hello! that Letizia is very on top of the young people these days that do not go to school. The monarch controls the hours you dedicate to advance the agenda of the school. And also the work that they carry out.

Letizia, Felipe, Leonor and Sofia. Photo: EFE

One of those that is making Leonorfor example, it is about the book El conde Lucanor, Don Juan Manuel, prince of Villena. But this is not the only book that would be reading Eleanor these days.

Account the journal of coated paper that is also immersed in the reading At the other end of the earth: the round the world of Magellan, Philippe Nessman. And also in writers of letters, Beatriz Osés; let’s Change the world, Greta Thunberg, or Tales of good nights to the girls rebels, Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

What you really want to consume Leonor

But reading is not the only task carried out these days. And there is something that does not like anything Letizia and Felipe. This is that Eleanor is connected to a series of fashion who consider that it is not appropriate for their age: Elite.

A content of the monarchs does not make them any grace you see, and that he would have been forbidden to consume. According to the parameters of the queen, is not suitable for the education of her daughter.

But you must see it to hidden or you should seek information on the same network, so some colleagues claim that Leonor it is fully up to d-day they events taking place in the series during the latest season, which premiered in the first days of confinement.