The small and luxurious caprices of Adele


The small and luxurious caprices of Adele

Adele smiling at a concert.

Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images

Adele it is one of the singers in british most talented and popular of the moment, with time has managed to make a solid artistic career that has left him a fortune of approximately $190 million dollars.

And is that with his huge talent, the singer fills the largest stadiums and thanks to this can be the greatest luxuries. And while his huge fortune it could fizzle out after its run over a divorcefor the time being you can still get many of their small and luxurious whims. Here we tell you what they are.

According to a article published in the middle The Smoking Gun in the year 2011, the eccentricities of the british during their concerts include exclude list of VIPS of his concerts and certain types of food in her dressing roomalthough the latter may no longer be given as underwent a disciplined routine to lose weight.

The interpreter of “Hello,” he liked to have sandwiches packed without tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus, in addition to decorate the place with two bottles of red wine of the best quality and the beers are european, never american because you don’t like.

But without a doubt the biggest one is not allowed to have special guests as you want to the most intimate of his friends pay to see it because she likes to donate what it collects to different Ngos.