The US Open has created a virtual World of champions historical and Gabriela Sabatini came to the end


The tennislike the rest of the sports activity in the world, is crippled by the advance of the pandemic coronavirus that spanned the world. With the competition of the circuit professionals male and female -the ATP and WTA, respectively- suspended at least until the next 13 of July due to the spread of the virus COVID-19the future of the season 2020 it is an unknown.

With the postponement confirmed Roland Garros for September/October, in addition to the cancellation of the edition 134 of Wimbledon that he was going to play this year and was deferred to 2021, nor are there details on what will happen with the last Grand Slam of the year: the US Openthat should contest from August 24 to September 13, is still in we will see.

Despite the uncertainty, and taking advantage of the millions of followers that has the Us Open of tennis on their social networks, in the accounts of Twitter and Instagram made a Virtual world among the 32 players champions highlights of the story the tournament that is made year after year in Flushing Meadows.

How we carried out the vote? If outside the definition of a championship real, the more than three dozens of players fought in the keys the playoffs from the 16th. End. With the aim of its followers to choose the two finalists, the account was inviting the public to cast your vote in the clashes. So it was as one of the selected by the fans of the US Open to compete in the final of the game was Gabriela Sabatini, winner of the 1990 edition.

To get to the historical definition 2.0, the best tennis player in history in Argentina surpassed the version of Serena Williams of the 99 in the first instance. In the final round, he defeated Chris Evert 1975 -the first of six titles from US Open who managed the player in american – and in the rooms again succeed, this time to the belgian Kim Clijsters 2009. In the semi-finals, Gaby returned to meet up with Evert, but this time in the version of his victory in 78, he returned to overcome to become one of the two finalists.

30 years of the only victory in a Grand Slam for Sabatiniit is important to remember the value of that consecration in New York. Hand to hand in front of Steffi Graf, Gabriela managed to beat the tennis player from Germany 6-2, 7-6it , cutting off the possibility of the world number 1 that year, and in addition to winning 10 titles, crowned tricampeona of the Us Open.

The rival Sabatini in the definition of this virtual World will be Maria Sharapova, who earlier this year announced his retirement from professional tennis. The Russian, five times champion of tournaments of the Grand Slam -he triumphed at Wimbledon in 2004, Australia 2008 and Roland Garros 2012 and 2014-, came to the end of the other wrench, thanks to the unique title that she won in the 2006 edition of the US Open.

14 years ago, Sharapova won 6-4, 6-4 to Justine Henin, of Belgium, who finished that season as the queen of the tennis world. To advance to the final, the Russian stopped on the way to the champions Court 1970, the title of Henin in 2003, when Martina Navratilova 84 and the version of Graf winning in 1988.

The vote in the official accounts of the US OPen is underway and will end next Mondaythe day that we will know who will be the winner of the virtual World among the best champions in the history of one of the great tennis tournaments in the world.