The video of Jennifer Lawrence that is terrorizing the fans


The appearance and attitude super strange Jennifer Lawrence in the video, he is super concerned about the fans!

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America is in the voting period, and many people are ready to leave their homes and vote; however, the protagonist of The Hunger Games shared a video on their social networks to ask people to vote from their homes and not go out during the quarantine generated by the COVID-19.

What is the problem? His followers were in shock when you watch the video, then ensure that the attitude and appearance of Jennifer is super strange, they believe that acting like a robot is saying his speech mechanically and barely blinks.

These are some of the comments you have left on the video: “It seems like a” robot, “ ” why it looks so weird?”, “Why it looks like Sophia the robot”, and “Is a robot“.

Some enthusiasts claim that everything is due to the lighting of the place in which you recorded the video, but others are convinced that it has done any plastic surgery.

What do you guys think of this strange video of Jennifer?

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