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The holder of the Office of the undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell Ramírezit has become a face a recurrent theme in the lectures provided by the Government of Mexico to report on the latest medical advances and details that occur on the pandemic of coronavirus.

Despite being a man specialized in the medical field and epidemiology, López Gatell had a past in the music because he was part of a musical band along with his brother.

During the decade of the 80, the assistant secretary Prevention and Health Promotion, and his brother, Carlos Lopez-Gatell founded a musical group called “Quarry” of which also formed part of artists such as Luis Alfonso Figueroa and Jacobo Lieberman, who then created the band “Santa Sabina”, as well as Juan Manuel Badillo, Pedro Gialbert and Luis Ernesto Martinez Novelo, currently bassist of The Gusana Blind.

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In an interview with the agency Notimex, Poncho Figuero was revealed that Hugo López Gatell was the one in charge of playing the flute and ranked the creation of “Quarry” as the foundation of a school band, but with great importance in their careers.

“Let’s just say that it was the high school band, we played several there and Hugo was the flautist, at some point, he and his brother were part of the band, his brother played the drums and he the flute trasversa”, highlights the bass player, Poncho Figueroa in a telephone interview with Notimex.

However, this did not impact on the commitment of its members, much less in their small successes, because together they managed to secure some presentations and create songs of his own.

“We rehearsed only on Fridays and we had some major concerts: one in the C. U. C., we played with a band called the News Paper, in the 85 more or less as out there of tremor; it can also be called Crisis, which also at that time I was reputed; and also some played at the school in which we were, that was college Madrid, there we played with The Unusual Images of Aurora (which later became Caifanes), which was our ultimate triumph, and sleep”, remember.

The deputy has declared openly that the person is not “very in tune”, but remembers his training in classical music and was considered a fan of the band, who formed their former teammate: Santa Sabina and La Gusana Ciega.

“The father of Hugo was a noted doctor at the time also had quite a reputation, and you see how it is the tradition of various crafts, who are relatives, although I think that of the whole family he is the only one that is dedicated, I don’t know, Carlos, we lost the track, but his brother Victor (known as The Vico) was always a visual artist, well-known from a young age,” concluded Figueroa.

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