The worst characters of the DCEU


The Universe Extended DC (or DCEU for friends) is full of interesting characters, and varied as to please all tastes and demands of the fans. This includes, clearly, the superhero best known in making the leap from comics to the big screen as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, as well as the addition of secondary characters who from their places are earned to the public. Each one of them contributes to enrich a story and can do wonders with it, but when they are not well adapted may be responsible for the failure of a film.

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This franchise superheroica has not had a perfect tour and it has been hectic and full of errors. Among these are a few of its characters that, unfortunately, did not meet expectations and became one of the worst things of their respective films. Its potential was not taken advantage of the right way, or maybe you just were poorly written, but any carelessness can cause a disaster. So, they ended up as the weak points of the adaptations of Warner Bros. of the still much discussed.

For now, the DCEU seems to be sitting head and their characters as well. It is not too bad, because thanks to the decision to take risks is that the franchise is finding its own style and is something that is necessary if really want to build a different path in the world of superheroes, and adaptations of comics. To our luck, one can only improve and while we wait to see what the future holds for this universe, it is time to remember all those times I was introduced to the worst of its characters, hoping that doesn’t repeat, of course.


Many would be surprised to know that Cara Delevingne is not an actress mediocre because of their role in Suicide Squad – 25% did get very bad. Not to blame directly, because of the way in which he adapted to his character is too strange and it’s worse when you see the film verifies that focuses too much on the computer and not in quality time for her. In addition, to be the villain main was only logical that he was going to wait for a clash of epic, but it never seemed to be the metahumana very powerful described by Amanda Waller, and will certainly see her dancing in the final act left a bad taste in the mouth.

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Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen will not be the last character associated with the Superman of the DCEU that appears in this list. It is sad, because in other adaptations and the comics tend to be much more interesting and be better represented. The once-important character of the stories of the Man of Steel happened to be one of the most important elements of the Daily Planet to a CIA agent who only appeared in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice – 27% to die.


If you want to see a good adaptation of Cyborg in live-action, it is best to run to see the first season of the Doom Patrol – 100%. The story of Justice League – 41% had been hit by a car, but who paid for the broken dishes he was. Apparently what the director wanted was to introduce the characters so hasty to reunite the classic team of superheroes as soon as possible, but the little time it took to develop (do you really do that?) a character that has a background that is very interesting and it definitely deserved a lot more is an injustice.


Of course this is the Joker from Jared Leto, although at this point I should clarify. The supervillain of DC is a character that can give an Oscar to an actor and what we have been able to verify on two occasions, but for that to happen, the role must be very well written and the actor in his best form. Surely Leto he thought he could follow in the footsteps of Heath Ledger, or at least of any of his predecessors, whose interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime has made no one forget, but the reality was another. Try to bring the Joker to extremes never before seen with tattoos that ended up not convince it was not the best decision.

Perry White

The editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet is a clear example of how to waste a character that can be key and also an actor of the stature of Laurence Fishburne. In The Man of Steel – 55% had no more to do than to give orders to Lois Lane and the rest of the employees, ask for reports and that kind of things that we do in the media every day. This has been common in the DCEU: hire well-known actors to be characters of padding.


The great villain of Justice league it was not Darkseid, which was already a disappointment, so we had to make do with Steppenwolf. However, I was never really a villain at the height of the superhero team of DC and there is nothing worse than that when it comes to the crossover most anticipated of the franchise. In the comics it has a great story, but the film is not developed enough to show all his potential and we are left to the memory of one of the worst characters of the franchise.

The Flash

To view a better The Flash just go to the tv. As an adaptation of the comic book version, the version that interprets Ezra Miller leaves much to be desired. Do not delve much on the matter because it would be unfair, because the character of the DCEU not had much time to be established, as Barry Allen and as the superhero in spite of appearing in some films. However, the personality that has been given is a nuisance and not what to say of his voice that seems to not fit. Miller it may be good as a dramatic actor, but the genre of superheroes is not your thing and we will see if you ever get your film alone, that for now does not seem that is going to happen.


This is the fault of the film and nothing more. Katana went from being a complex character, and appealing to the reader in the comics for a character to fill that out there is gives you an introduction and vague which is only expected to intervene in the action once in a when with his sword. In fact, with all the potential that it has passed by so unnoticed that it is likely that some wonder what film was that it appeared and if it did really.

Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg is an actor worth watching, though, as Lex Luthor the best idea is to go long. In view of how she developed the character for the film Zack Snyder, it is logical to believe that any actor was going to get a poor standing. Nemesis of Superman, brilliant, and always ahead of what the hero plans to do, he went on to be a hipster good to say things but not to act, or maybe you don’t remember how instead of smuggle lost time trying to get permissions from the government. Despite all of this, including the fact that it looked more like a version of mad of Mark Zuckerberg, you can say that something of intelligence had.


Few recognized the muscle Batman vs Superman: the Origin of the Justice as an old enemy of Batman in the comics, and who recognized him surely felt shame of others. It is assumed that KGBeast is a villain that is at the height of the Man-Bat, or even exceeds their skills, but Zack Snyder took it into the cinema in the worst possible way.

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