This is how Kendall Jenner increases the size of your bust without surgery, plastic surgery


This is the reason why the bust of Kendall Jenner sometimes looks bigger than other…

The reason why Kendall Jenner does not talk about his romantic life ...

Kendall is one of the most sought after models of the moment, so it always looks spectacular and looking for aesthetic treatments that will help you to be impact and super natural.

However, Kendall will always cause controversy with the size of your bust, then fans have noticed that in some pictures looks bigger that in others, why is this? it turns out that the model resorts to an aesthetic treatment that helps to increase the size of her bust for 24 hours, without resorting to plastic surgery!

This is an injection of physiological saline expands the breast tissue and is composed of water, electrolytes, and other substances such as glucose, which has a cost of approximately $ 3000.

In addition to Kendall, there are other celebs who are turning to this procedure to be gorgeous, and although the doctors assure that there is no risk, others have revealed that could cause infections if not used with caution.

What do you think of this aesthetic procedure used Kendall to show off a bust cute?

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