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The emergency beauty we continue to emerge during this period of quarantine and the #yomquedoencasa. So, we have already removed the extensions, cut the hair and bangs, retocándonos the paint and taking care of our blond, now it is time to put the focus on our nailsespecially in the and acrylic manicures gel you already require that we do something.

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So, we wanted to go directly to the experts to give us the keys of how to get rid of the manicures that have grown in excess. So, Elena Daudova she is the creator of Daudova Beautylocated in the Salamanca District of Madrid, we wanted to give the keys to remove a nail permanently, acrylic nails, gel and all of those that are more complicated.

For a start, we note that there is talk of different types of cover enamelled with a permanent acrylictherefore there are different methods of removal of these coverages.

For example, enamel permanent and acrylic can be removed with a liquid special remove or acetone as an exception in house conditions. Yes, we informs Elena to be careful with the acetone because there are times that can cause allergy. This allergy is manifested with redness and swelling of cuticle. To avoid this, precautions she recommends us cover the cuticle you with a cream fat creamy.

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The technique of removal of enamel is permanent and acrylic must first begin with the help of a file (12.99 a€) with the that we removed only the top layer of the coverage.

Then drenched the cotton with acetone, place over nail, wrap in silver paper so that it does not penetrate the air and leave it to act for at least 20 minutes, although with the acrylic you will need a minimum of 35 minutes.

As a precaution, Elena tells us that, when you remove the silver paper is not to do everything at oncesince the contact with the air, the material hardens, so that we remove one by one.

Then, with the help of a palito of naranjo (5,52 euros) remove the remains of the coverage where it is has fallen off, and always without damaging the plate nail the nail. If the product comes off with difficulty, it is necessary to repeat the above procedure.

There is always that to ensure that the remove or acetone to dissolve the product to the maximum to avoid bridging in excess and thus avoid such damage to the own nail.

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And then, we have the case of gel nails it is not possible to delete the product with the remover or acetone: there is that limar. In fact, Elena tells us that if you do not have caved surface of the enamelwe recommend only filing only the long.

In the case that it has fallen off and we can settle with bridging the long, recommended to iron out with caution, without touching with the file the natural nail.

In any case, we recommend that after you remove all of the product, in the case of the nails more weak, cortemos the edge of our fingernail to keep it as short as possible. While if we have nails stronger we can keep a little more length but keep in mind that the feeling that gives us this kind of enamel protection we’re going to lose, that does not mean that we are weak.

In any case, this will always be done with great care not to damage our own nails, and would always be recommended to have a filling Polish to hand that help us to regenerate our nails as soon as possible, a lot of hydration to hands and cuticles so that, when the end of the quarantine, we can return to our salon look manicure.

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