TODAY / With “Hallelujah” the Municipal Institute of Art urges it brings a message of hope to the paraguayans


A total of 350 kits of food of the paraguayan Government were intended for theatre workers, not only those associated with the guild.

“We put together a team of contingency in the Cepate in order to bring this house-to-house with all the security measures, there are also people who follow a call to donate, private firms also,” he says in conversation with TODAY, the actress and producer, Nata Alvarenga, secretary of press and communication of the guild.

“The theatre is a sector where you are going to feel the impact, probably all year,” says the interpreter, why they are collecting food.

“There are families who have newborn babies or older adults who can no longer move, but the solidarity of the people is huge and luckily the SNC responded with these kits, as part of their work.”

Account in addition that the partners are organizing to bring the kits up to the interior of the country, for not only are capital. It should be noted that the party in charge does not have a fuel voucher.

The kits of the government are in addition to the first current submission already, thanks to donations of the people: “We come to approximately 400 kits. Of these food to feed families of 2, 3, or, if you do a calculation, in a week we arrived with the help of approximately between plus and minus 1,000 people,” says the artist.

The Cepate comes to promoting, since some time ago, the order of allowance to the workers of the theatre, a struggle that takes years, almost since its inception. The discussions continue and it is expected that after this crisis is a call of attention much stronger for the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benitez, and his cabinet.

Last week the minister of the interior, Euclides Acevedo, emphasized the successor to the fields of art and culture on the part of the Government. Assured that their contribution is vital to the society and that its production is not exploitable for the economy.

“The productive apparatus cannot be limited in the grains and in the flesh, is the productive apparatus of thought and the creativity that is lacking. So the cultural issue is important and I ask: do you worry about people of the men of the theatre, the musicians, the artists? Part of the national identity,” he said.

According to data presented by the Cepate to mid-march, G. left to circulate in the national economy, following the suspension of workshops and performances by the quarantine national as the main fight against the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Those interested in collaborating with the workers of the theater through the Cepate can contact Nataly Valenzuela to the 0971507359.