TOP 5: viral Video of Coronavirus – April 10, 2020


Examples and materials home to make cloth masks against the spread of the Coronavirus in the days to come.

According to the World Health Organization, the Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19), is a condition highly contagious respiratory caused by a coronavirus that has been discovered more recently. Both the new virus and the disease were unknown before the outbreak the outbreak in Wuhan (China) in December 2019 and was recently declared a pandemic.

Each difficult time, as well as this we are going through with the Coronavirus, situations arise, historical, curious, inspiring, very sympathetic, and sometimes enternecedoras that in times of social networks do not take in viralizarse by the world. That is why, with the idea of bringing a bit of joy amongst so many hard news, we bring to you the videos more viral, as of today, April 10, 2020, on the Coronavirus.

The viral videos on the Coronavirus which you see today, April 10, 2020

  1. 1. Before vs. After the Quarantine

This video identifies us all. With much humor, the athlete mexican Rodrigo Romeh wanted to recreate as we saw at the beginning of the quarantine, and as we’ll end if we don’t pay attention to our food. We believe that more than one has thought of this in the background, or not?

2. Cardi B gives a hand to families economically affected by the Coronavirus

We all know the rapper Cardi B and if the only way to face the difficulties. But just as it is direct, you also have a good heart. The rapper is union with the brand FashionNOVA for a very special initiative.

Cardi invited all her followers to send you messages of why you would need a thousand dollars, and she along with the brand will decide the most legitimate to in set to send a thousand dollars to each person in need to reach one million. Bravo! Oh that’s it!

3. A Church with social distance

In full Holy Week in almost all countries of the world, these parishioners Dominican Republic they made an “outdoor mass” on holy Thursday, where all maintained the required distance and still meet their catholic faith. Bravo!

4. The correct way to use the gloves to prevent the spread

At this point, we all know that the use of gloves is essential to avoid the contagion, but many people make mistakes that could end up causing the phenomenon called “cross-contamination”.

That is why they have emerged hundreds of videos like this, with health specialists teaching the correct way to remove these instruments so necessary in the midst of the pandemic by the Coronavirus.

5. “Susana Distance” heroin to combat the Coronavirus

Susana Distance in MetepecSusana distance in Metepec2020-04-07T02:45:48.000 Z

Gabriela Gamboa, Mayor of the municipality of the state of Mexico, sand viralizó in social networks because of a video where it appears the character of “Susan”Distance where she invites people to stay at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In the images circulating on social networks less than a minute, you see a woman dressed as the heroine created by the federal Government to combat the coronavirus. “I am Susana Distance. And I have come to Metepec to invite all of you to keep her healthy distance. This one and a half metres defends us from the evil one coronavirus. And remember, wherever you go: keep your healthy distance,” he says.

Finally, Susana-Distance signals that, together, we can overcome. “If you take care of you, care for us all.”

I already know it! Here is a little bit of laughter, education and even a great way to raise awareness, these are the viral videos of the day.