Twitter continues to generate more and more content to the root of the #Covid19


During these days of isolation, a number of users, among them several celebrities have gone to Twitter to announce new releases, share recommendations on songs, films or tv series, and even to talk about their day-to-day. Below we will show you the highlights of today:

Ryan Reynolds cited a tweet from the olympic medallist Hayley Wickenheiser in which he asked for help and supplies for health workers fighting the Coronavirus in Toronto. Reynolds said that will send personalized videos to those that help Hayley to get supplies.

J. K. Rowling tweeted a video with a technique to relieve the respiratory symptoms of the COVID-19 and recommended him to their fans to try if they have similar symptoms. After updated his fans about his state of health.

Ariana Grande posted a video of her singing while her producer Tommy plays the piano to send “amor virtual” to their fans. Troys Sivan tweeted a video of him singing the same song of Ariana Grande, and Ariana responded to ask you to do a FaceTime with her.

Kim Kardashian West uploaded a photo of some time with Kanye and North.

Mark Hamill cited the tweet of a fan who asked if you know Natalie Portman, mentioning not yet, but knowing it is right at the top of your list of goals for 2020.

Paris Hilton uploaded a photo with her sister Nicky dressed as #TigerQueens, in reference to the program Tiger King.

The Strokes tweeted that his new album record The New Abnormal will be launched on 10

Lady Gaga showed the new cover art of their album recording Chromatica.

Justin Timberlake tweeted a behind-the-scenes of the video “DON’t SLACK” with Anna Kendrick and Anderson Paak.

It also drew attention on Twitter

@redrawnoxen Tweeted pictures of cakes theme Tiger King in Publix. The Tweet has received more than 191 thousand I like.

@hannahidill Tweeted a series of photos combining books with costumes. The Tweet has received more than 10 thousand likes.