What is the thing he misses most Cardi B these days?

The rapper Cardi B it is one of the celebrities who most clearly has spoken about the importance of respecting the measures of isolation to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and who has dared to criticize in terms that are very hard both to their colleagues in the profession as to the u.s. government: the first, to use their privileged position to gain access to evidence that should be reserved for those who really need them, and second, because it is so permitted, and thus contribute to increase the alarm among the population.

However, that is not the only thing that is of concern to the artist these days. Despite the passion with which they expressed in their social networks, in the privacy Cardi it is going through a moment of ‘slump’ caused by a change in their dynamic as a couple with your husband Offset.

“I’ve had a lot of sex, a lot, and now I have the rule and I can’t even f**ar,” he confessed in a live Instagram from his mansion in Los Angeles.

In fact, the lack of sex has only been the last drop that has filled the glass and, in reality, the current mood of the music star is also explained by an accumulation of circumstances, as for example the stomach problems that caused him to go several days without eating, and finally forced him to enter the hospital.

“I miss my family, I miss my friends… Never before had I felt so alone. I don’t do more than watch movies and documentaries”, has been added to summarize their quarantine period.

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