Where do the quarantined Miley Cyrus?


After that the whole world is put in a state of alarm, thanks to the confinementthe fans are knowing a little more of their stars. Through Instagramcelebrities have become a trend and using videos have shown the various activities they perform in this opportunity Miley Cyrus gives the example.

Cyrus, through a program on their social networks, has shown a little more of his being, his thought and ideals. Faithful to the quarantine, encourages its followers, the party and advised not to leave their homes, as well as she promises not to do so, unless it is strictly necessary.

Even, Miley Cyrus published a fragment of your series and said “this I really am, at this precise moment.” By way of parody, the famous said he had experienced something similar in an episode of Hannah Montana. He said that there was no difference between that Miley and the one where you currently live.

To end your call, also asked for the pet, “it Is a great moment for those people who, in this situation, can bring something to the table. It is a good time to adopt or encourage, but it is very important to talk about the financial responsibility and stress that a pet can cause in a family during this time,” he said.

It should be noted that the singer already has more than twenty (20) interviews and their publications have a 573.000 reproductions each. Like other artists, the singer is contributing his granite of sand to advise to his followers: stay at home and look after the family are the themes that always touch in your social networks.