Will Smith shows version “nigerian” trailer of Bad Boys: Her protagonists are feeling in Instagram


Ikorodu Bois, a dedicated account to mimic the music videos or trailers of movies, produced by a group of teenagers in nigerian, was captivated by the charismatic actor Will Smith.

It turns out that the last fun clip shared by the talented young recreates the trailer for the blockbuster saga Bad Boysstarring the american actor.

“It seems that we have a double stunt for the next movie @martinlawrence!!”wrote Smith in his account of Instagram his companion on the tape, the actor Martin Lawrence.

In the video you see the imitation, shot by shot, trailer Bad Boys Foreverplaying with the basic elements that young people have available, which are very different to those used by the film that had a budget of As $ 90 million.

Other videos

The account of the mood in nigeria has become a sensation on Instagram, to accumulate more than 500 thousand followers having fun with the creativity of the teenagers for the execution of audiovisual materials.

“Yummy” Justin Bieber and until the video tributes for the recently deceased Kobe Bryant have been carried out by the young, who will share their works of humour in all of the digital platforms with thousands of reproductions.