With the broken heart! Chris Brown saddened after being separated from her youngest child, it’s Heartbreaking!


Chris Brown it is one of the victims of the coronavirus, and not precisely because we suffer, but by the consequences that has had to live because of this.

To avoid contagion and spread of the virus, have closed the borders of all countries, and called to make the quarantine preventive care at home.

At the time these measures came into force in the united States, the couple and the minor child of the american singer they were stranded in Germany.

So said the artist of 30 years in their social networks, where it is left to see saddened and upset with this forced separation, generated by the health crisis.

As said a source to Hollywood Life, the dark “He loves you a lot, and are all for it. He knows that you are well in Germany and they have the support of the family of Ammika there.”

“Constantly get updates on what they are doing and loves to see how is growing your child. He knows how amazing it is Ammika as a mother,” said the same informant on the the interpreter of “Loyal”.

A few weeks ago, a rumour went around that Chris Brown he had contracted marriage with his girlfriend, because in a photograph you can see a great engagement ring. What will it be?