Adele loses 50% of his fortune in divorce


Adele loses 50% of his fortune in divorce. So as you read it, the successful singer, he would have lost the half of his fortune to the cause of their separation…

And is that it is and points out that according to many sources, the singer Adele is already a divorced woman, according to have revealed to the English press.

The above, after separating the last year of her partner, Simon Konecki, the father of his seven year old son, Angelo.

Adele is divorced in secret and no one knew it until now
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It turns out that the singer had asked in court, privacy on the economic agreement of separation.

However, according to sources close, this financial settlement he gave his ex the 50 per cent of his fortune, since they did not have a prenuptial agreement when they married in 2016.

We must remember that the two were together since 2011 and on the occasion of their wedding, several magazines English stated that the singer refused to make a document to protect his fortune.

Adele loses

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Now the singer should keep banging our head on the head, since you will have to share 50 per cent of its net worth with her ex-husband.

So yes, the publication does not know if the judge took into account the time they spent together prior to marriage to decide how much Simon will pocket.

It is worth noting, that the friends of the couple say that Simon has his own money, and that this was not an issue in your divorce.

It Adele lost most of his fortune!

Although they also confirm that he has taken part of the fortune and that the two will share custody of Angelo, so, who bought nearby homes in Beverly Hills.

Will have to see what he has to say our dear Adele regarding this topic, with the aim of clearing all the doubts.

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