Alexa Moreno: Power, strong


The physical characteristics that you have Alexa Moreno and for some time suffered from discrimination in social networks, ironically, are the same as those that have propelled them to be one of the best saltadoras of horse in the world and a gymnast with real aspirations to the olympic podium, in a mode in which Mexico has hardly figured in its history.

His 1.57 meters tall, his legs powerful, and the strength of your upper body such as shoulders, back and arms allowed him to reach an unprecedented bronze medal in the World of Gymnastics 2018, in Doha.

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The power of his legs and uses it to gain speed and to the dessert that makes you a boost” says Alfredo Hueto, his coach, to THE UNIVERSAL Sports. “When it comes to the horse, that impulse lets the strength of his upper limbs to make that boost up and can make the turns in the air with ease”.

From Montreal in 76, only seven gymnasts in mexico have participated in the great fair jump of horse: Teresa Diaz and Patricia Garcia in that edition; Wake Tower in Moscow 80, Denisse López in Barcelona 92 and Sydney 2000, Maricela Cantú in Beijing in 2008 and the same Moreno in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Only Lopez is contesting the olympic final.

Alexa not only has the physical qualities to advance to the final and even get on the podium” says Cantú, eleventh place in Beijing in 2008, to this publishing house. “Also has a mentality of iron that always has allowed him to get up and. other factors that perhaps we have not had”.

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Cantú refers to the discipline and maturity of the cachanilla, the full support of the Conade, and that has a coach (Hueto), who already took an athlete to the podium in a few Games .

Alexa has all of those qualities. That is why it is an athlete so special” says Cantú.