And it is Batman! Reveal a connection between ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’

The latest deliveries that have had the Universe Extended DC (DCEU) have announced that the franchise would prefer to opt for delivery of higher quality or of better entertainment than to make a shared world, like Marvel, however, this week some fans revealed a connection between ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’.

Remember that the feature film starring Joaquin Phoenix walked away from the recent films that he had made Warner Bros. to make a feature-length independent where it is posed with more depth the beginnings of one of the most popular villains of the mark.

While ‘Birds of Prey’ she continued along the path that has been drawing DCEU from a few years ago, so the version clown prince of crime is different in both stories, but despite this, it was discovered that there is the same element that comes out in these films, and it is not Bruce Wayne, much less the dark knight.

According to the portal Screen Rant, in the two productions, mention is made of Robinson Park, in the history of Harley Quinn, she in a moment, explains that he found in this place a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt in cloths lower, while in ‘Joker’ comes out as one of the stations of the underground of Gotham.

Robinson Park may be a name unknown to a vast majority of the public, however, this park which makes reference to the Central Park, you will be recognized by fans more knowledgeable of the knight of the night, since this place came out for the first time in the famous comic ‘Batman: Year One’.

His name is an allusion was Jerry Robinson, one of the artists who worked on the comic strip of that superhero in the decade of 40 and was the one who designed Robin and the clown prince of crime. So that revealed a connection between ‘Birds of Prey’ and ‘Joker’ not only because of Robinson Park, but for ‘Batman: Year One’.

For the moment we will have to wait if the sequelae which may possibly be made of ‘Joker’ will join more the DCEU to make greater competition with Marvel Studios.

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