Athletes who are more appreciated and they regret the postponement of the Olympic Games


The postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo for the summer of 2021 was a news story that is unanimously applauded by the international sports community. In the current context, with the pandemic of the coronavirus causing thousands of deaths daily, it was unfeasible to carry out the main athletic competition on the planet.

However, the change of the date of the appointment of the summer has affected the plans of several olympic champions who thought to retire in a few months; while, others suspiraron relieved, because they will have more time to recover from injuries and will arrive in a better shape to the japanese capital.


The gymnast american Simone Bill was one of the queens of the previous appointment, held in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. In the city the brazilian won five medals, four of them gold. After he was removed from training and resumed activity in 2018, with a view to compete in Tokyo. That would be his last competition, because Bill had already announced that then he would retire.

The day that officially the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the japanese Government announced the postponement of the Games, Bill was in a gym, where you kept training. Upon reaching his dressing room he received a text message with the news. “I sat down and cried, but I knew it was the right decision,” he said.

“Physically I have no doubt that my coaches, I keep in shape, but mentally, another year, I think that I will be affected, as well as most of the athletes,” said Bill.

The gymnast with the most medals in the world championship has passed for the moment a very, very difficult in your life. She was also a victim of sexual abuse Larry Nassar, the former doctor of the selection of his country, sentenced to life imprisonment. The summer of 2020 will mark the final dance of Days in a mattress. No one doubted that he would win on the ground, where he has shone so much that an exercise takes its name. It may not be. Your body and your mind will have to endure a year more.

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The cuban Mijaín Lopez has been, by far, the best wrestler in the TWENTY-first century; but he wants to be the most complete of all times in Olympic Games. To do this you need a title that would surpass the legendary Russian Alexander Karelin, who won four medals, including three gold, between 1992 and 2000.

Lopez will comply with 38 years in August and, although it has dosed their participation in events, know that your body is the limit. The cuban also had announced that, after the appointment of this summer, would go to the retreat.

“It is already decided. Why? Well, by the age I have. I want to relax and because there are already to give the opportunity to the new generations,” he said in February of this year. To know the change of date of the Tokyo Games, Lopez said it was the best that had been done, because “first of all is the health of athletes”. Then he clarified his future: “I’m going to continue on to the mattresses”. He wants his fourth olympic title. Will be 39 years old when finally Tokyo hosts its Games. It will not be easy to extend the training to twelve more months, but when a man of 130 kg of weight and almost two meters of height, which has won everything in the wrestling, says he will seek his crown, as there are that believe him.


The american Alex Morgan has been the face of women’s football for a long time. After winning another title with his national team, in the World of France, Morgan had planned with her husband, Servando Carrasco, get pregnant, to have her baby three months before the start of the appointment this summer. Time enough to recover, had secured.

Now you have a lot more than those three months. “I tried to see it more from the perspective of the computer, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that is causing the coronavirus, in addition to trying to get back in shape in so little time. Taking into account all the factors, I voted for postponing. That is the best decision for all athletes in all events,” he said.

Morgan was olympic champion in London 2012. In Tokyo 2021, the selection of american will be the favorite, and one of its stars, without a doubt, you will arrive in best sports.


In the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the cliff divers, mexicans Jahir Ocampo and Rommel Pacheco concluded in the fifth position of the springboard and synchronized three-meter. Four years later, the team continues to compete and aspired to win a medal in Tokyo. For Pacheco, the decision of the IOC to postpone the Games was prudent. “In order to avoid the contact, and because the athletes can’t be training as it is due. If they would have made the Games this summer, had not been at the level that is required,” he said.

However, mate competition, was not pleased with the change of date. “The news I fell like a bucket of cold water. Honestly I did not think that they would postpone for so long, I thought it would be for only a few months; I saw it as well, until the other year,” he said.

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